Online Scientific Journal


1. General rules

The University of Sopron Press is the institutional owner and the publisher of the E-conom Online Scientific Journal.

The journal welcomes studies on the field of economics and its border area as the economic approaches of social, human, environmental and technical problems. The journal aims to offer publicity for the studies of high standard of young researchers. From the other hand there is a good possibility of a quick knowledge sharing for being published online.

Editorial Committee takes the professional responsibility for the journal.

The complete responsibility for the content of the articles rests upon authors.

Technical editor accomplishes the computer works of the E-conom Online Scientific Journal. Technical editor is personally responsible for the homepage of the journal.

The publishing in the Journal is free of charge. Authors do not receive remuneration for publication.

The journal publishes Hungarian, German and English studies.

E-conom publishes original manuscripts. If the Editorial Board makes decides otherwise, then the original paper can be published only with the permission of the original author. (The responsibility of the author prevails in uncleared questions of any parallel or subsequent publication. In case of plagiarism Editorial Board retract the paper and will deny the publishing of other studies of the same author).

The whole database of the E-conom Online Scientific Journal is to be archived after the uploading of each edition. Technical editor is responsible for it.

2. The process of the publishing

In the journal, from 2018, the papers will be published continuously in yearly one issue, which will be closed at the end of every year.

Professional studies should comply with the formal requirements and be ready to publish. All papers should be sent to the address of the E-conom’s editorial office (e-conom AT uni-sopron.hu), and addressee should be the Editorial Committee.

The publications should be sent electronically to the committee in pdf or in other editable format (.doc, docx, .odt) as an email attachment.

The Editorial Board sends the incoming publications to proficient member of the committee or to a reputable expert who is accepted by the Editorial Committee. The reviewer’s opinion is to be prepared in four weeks. Opinion is independent and anonymous. Reviewer’s report has to make a clear proposal about the publication:

  1. The study is recommended for publication in its original form.
  2. Reviewer recommends corrections before publication.
  3. Publication is not recommended.

In all three cases reasons are required. In the case of “b” reviewer has to call the author for the necessary corrections. In the case of “c” a convincing explanation is required, which can be sent to the author(s). Editorial Board can ask for further opinion if the expert’s report is negative.

The author should send his or her curriculum vitae, a statement about the copyrights of the publication, the Hungarian and English abstract in 5-10 lines and the keywords as well. Registration is only possible with complete documentation.

Two weeks before the publication the Editorial Board decides about the content and other issues.

Editorial Board decides also about the publication of special editions and thematic numbers. Editorial Board decides about the special conditions of those editions as well.

3. Publications of PhD students

E-conom’s Editorial Committee informs doctoral councils of partner universities about the terms of publishing for the PhD students.

Before E-conom publishes the papers of the PhD students a supporting review is needed from the supervisor.

4. Publications of university students, who participate in scientific activities or in researching for advanced studies

Condition for the publication of students with scientific work or participants of a research within the framework of advanced studies is a supporting review needed of the tutor/supervisor/expert (who were asked by the professional leader of the college) of the students.